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Community Health Services is a community corrections out-patient treatment agency dedicated to the highest level of professional service and performance. It has been Community Health Services' privilege to provide education and treatment programs, as well as client progress tracking and monitoring for criminal justice clientele for over thirty (30) years. Our commitment to excellent customer service encompassing the administrative department of each political jurisdiction, the judiciary (prosecutors and court system) as well as the individual referred clients is the cornerstone of our capability to serve large and complex caseloads.

Community Health ServicesCommunity Health Services has learned through experience and research that effective application of known correctional knowledge can create widespread, positive offender outcomes. Community Health Services combines 'Best Practices' program curriculums and computerized data collection, intensive case management, education, and treatment with immediate accurate reporting. Community Health Services, through positive interventions by our professional staff, provides a means to substantially reduce law enforcement, prosecutorial, court, and incarceration costs resulting from the continuing criminal career of misdemeanor defendants in the criminal justice system.

Although Community Health Services views the administrative department of the political jurisdiction overseeing the program and the judiciary as customers, the primary focus of our efforts is the individual referred client, usually an offender. The key element to each client's participation in one of our programs is accountability. Failure of program participants to follow-through on assignments will be confronted and remediation plans will be developed immediately. Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change. Positive impact on defendants' behavior is maximized while demanding behavioral accountability.

The cognitive behavioral programs and sanctioning tools used by Community Health Services' professional staff will interrupt each defendant's pattern of criminogenic behaviors and assist him/her to develop life enhancing cognitive skills and attitudes. Utilizing proven behavior change technologies, entrenched, dysfunctional patterns of behavior (including chronic criminal behavior patterns such as domestic violence, substance abuse, assaultive behavior, shoplifting, resistance to authority, and lack of follow through) will be replaced with relapse prevention and extensive life skills knowledge. Self-reliance, dependability, and reliability will be fostered as life skill changes.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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