All defendants referred from the court, prosecutor's office, or probation officers are assessed* for appropriateness by Community Health Services' professional staff. Diversion defendants must meet certain guidelines set by the prosecutor's office or referring agency and this eligibility is determined at the onset of program participation. *Except those referred by probation officers.

Community Health ServicesAll sentenced defendants and those referred by probation officers are admitted to the Community Health Services' programs unless assessed as inappropriate due to mental illness or severe emotional disorders. The mentally ill can be case managed by Community Health Services and many can participate in the treatment programs. Clients assessed as SMI may be referred to the appropriate agency delivering services to this population in that state. Those clients/defendants who are so angry and hostile that their behavior would be disruptive to other group members will be excluded. In all the years of Community Health Services' treatment history, rarely have we found such a client.

All Community Health Services' programs begin with a time-tested in-depth quality assessment by a skilled, behavioral health professional. Personal decision-making and responsibility of the individual are stressed. At the initial screening, the program procedures, requirements and consequences of noncompliance are explained in detail to the client. If the client has had an in-depth assessment by a probation officer, the client is not re-screened but does complete a brief intake interview.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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