Group Curriculum

Community Health Services Employment ApplicationThe group curriculum is designed to best meet the needs of offenders committing particular offenses. Cognitive-behavioral techniques are incorporated into the group interventions. The groups take place in a therapeutic setting utilizing educational cognitive/behavioral/affective components. The program is designed to increase an offender's awareness of the seriousness of and the ramifications of the charges. The cognitive behavioral intervention focuses on cognitive restructuring and skill building. They assist defendants in examining thought patterns underlying behaviors and teach alternative behaviors as conflict-resolution tactics, relaxation techniques, and communication skills. This cognitive behavioral intervention is compatible with the criminal justice response.

The attitude of personal decision-making and responsibility of the individual is stressed throughout the sessions. The educational information portion of the group experience is provided so that the participants, as mature individuals, can make informed decisions about their future behavior and avoid further negative consequences. Community Health Services' programs provide a therapeutic way to derive new life skills and benefit from a confrontation with the criminal justice system.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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