Responsibility As A Therapeutic Tool

Community Health Services Employment ApplicationCommunity Health Services believes that clients must accept responsibility for problems, symptoms, situations, and emotions, before they are able to change. Taking responsibility acknowledges the problem, demonstrates honesty about it, and puts the clients in a position to change. Clients become accountable for their behavior, feelings, and choices. Many difficulties in life can be traced to clients' perceived helplessness, blame of others, and justification or minimization of their behavior. It is regularly stressed to the clients that while they may not be responsible for all situations, they are 100 percent responsible at all times for their behavior and reactions to situations. Consequently, improvement is realized when the clients take ownership for their behavior.

Clients' responsibilities in treatment include participation in group sessions, adherence to attendance policies, confidentiality of group therapy, and timeliness of fee payments. The atmosphere for change is strengthened when the clients are exposed to concise therapeutic responsibilities and the consequences for not upholding them.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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