Welcome to Community Health Services‘ Justice Track™ defendant tracking portal. This is a web-based utility developed by Community Health Services for use by authorized court and probation personnel to track the progress of a referred defendant through the court-ordered assessment and education / treatment process. This tracking tool provides an up-to-date “snapshot” of the progress of any referred defendant from a specific referral source. Since data entry of current defendant activity may lag due to internal procedural and quality assurance mechanisms at Community Health Services, the data that you see may be up to three days old.

In addition to getting an accurate summary of referred defendant activity, the authorized observer has the option of sending a message about the defendant internally to court personnel or to send an e-mail message to the Operations Center at Community Health Services relative to the specific defendant.

We hope that this tracking utility will be an efficient and beneficial tracking tool for your use. As always, if you have questions or comments about our system, or require more specific information about a referred defendant, please call (480) 949-8871, or e-mail info@correctioncare.com.


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