Community Health Services offers drug testing as one component of a continuum of services designed to hold offenders accountable and to protect the public.

Community Health Services Employment ApplicationUrinalysis testing can be done at any time the court orders testing. No appointment is necessary. The client, when ordered, must submit to random urine screening to test for drug use. Any positive reading will be reported in an Incident Report and typically with permission of the referring agency or court, there will be a scheduled assessment with a substance abuse counselor for placement in a substance abuse group. Other levels of sanctions can be used with clients already attending substance abuse groups. While in Community Health Services' treatment programs or Day Reporting Centers, failure to submit to a urinalysis test will be considered a positive drop. The referring agency will be notified of any positive test or failure to provide a urine test.

A basic screening includes testing for:

Alcohol (Levels)
Benzodiazepines (valium, librium)
Creatinine (Levels: 30 & vwloq)

Objectives of Drug Testing
Management tool to identify offenders with drug abuse issues
Confirmation of suspicion of use
Deterrence of offenders from the abuse of illicit drugs
An avenue for confrontation and treatment referral

Offenders will be tested for the presence of illegal drugs as follows:

In accordance with special conditions imposed by the court.
Where there is reasonable suspicion that the offender may be using drugs.
As a component of a special program.
Pursuant to an objective, reliable, validated assessment and with the support of the sentencing court or other referring agency.

Justification for testing may include the following:

Mandatory conditions of sentence
History of drug use
Positive test results
Re-arrest for drug-related offenses

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