Letter from a P.E.A.C.E. Program Participant

ATTENTION: Judge _____________

Although, I believed, I should "Not" have been arrested, to clear my good name quickly, I entered the PEACE Diversion program, instead of a lengthy, and costly trial, Emotionally, and physically, exhausted from a painful divorce and the raising of my 3 beautiful children, this seemed the best route for me.

I went through the mandatory "Screening" and much to my surprise, encountered an extremely nice staff, and was fortunate enough to be assigned to an outstanding counselor. Without any prompting from me, this man recognized that not only would this program clear my name, it quite possibly would assist me in dealing with my painful Divorce and to "Cope" with this loss.

I entered my first class with somewhat of an arrogant attitude. You know the one, "Well, I shouldn't be here, but "It turned out that the counselor was to be my instructor for the next 10 weeks. Recognizing my attitude and with absolute professionalism, he "Got in my face". Please remember, "I" am the only one who shouldn't be in this class! My attitude in tow, I got right back in his ............. Suddenly, I realized that ALL of his responses to my arrogance, MADE SENSE. ALL of them!

The next 9 weeks, of Tuesdays 3:00-5:00 became a MOST valuable part of my calendar. I observed, that everyone walks in(to) this program with an "Attitude", regardless of socioeconomic background, but for those 2 hours, we were the same, and although many would never admit it, there is NO doubt in my mind that each and every person who has and who will, pass through those doors and COMPLETE this program, will leave with a renewed sense of self and respect for others. I GUARANTEE, that ALL will think twice in their future responses when angered, and 90% will avoid conflict, and the consequences of bad decisions.

Personally, I believe the PEACE Diversion program should be a mandatory program upon entering this world, without a doubt in my mind, our prisons would be half full and our society would be a much kinder place to live.

COMMUNITY HEALTH CARE SERVICES, should be applauded for their outstanding commitment to bettering the lives of not only ourselves, but our communities. They are the FIRST STEP onto a path of hope and I hereby applaud their excellence.



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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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