Poem from a Program Participant

"Confessions of an Angry Man" (Written and Presented by a Program Participant)

It's been said that honest confession
Is good for the soul
And, in certain cases,
Can make you whole.

That true introspection
Can play a large part
In revealing what truly
Is deep in your heart.

An honest appraisal of one's self-worth
Could add credence and honor
To the day of your birth.

Perhaps it will take
A major upheaval
To help us decide
Between good and evil.

My ego has suffered
A mortal blow
What has happened to me
Has made me know

That I've been an addict
Who is out of control
Enslaved by a habit
Taking charge of my soul.

Not an addict of drugs
Like crack cocaine
But one of emotions
Full of misery and pain.

For bitterness and anger
Are addictions too.
Like excess of wine
And hard liquor too.

I've searched "The Book"
I should know better
So, why am I bound
By this chain and fetter?

I've been a preacher, a teacher,
A writer and poet
But, why is it then
My actions don't show it?

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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