Letters of Recommendation

"A number of years ago Judy was asked by the Court to establish Anger and Domestic Violence related programs." "During her tenure with the diversion programs Judy has always treated the cases assigned to her as matters of great responsibility, rather than as a money making venture." "This is the type of professionalism and dedication we have come to expect and rely upon from Community Health Services." (signed) Joseph L. Olcavage, Associate City Judge, City Court of Scottsdale.

"The instructor was clear, concise and outgoing, an important asset in making the student listen and learn. I was delightfully surprised." (Shoplifting Program Client)

"I have worked with (Judy) on a weekly basis during my tenure of three years in this Court and give the highest marks of any of our contractors. She is a tireless worker with a very fine intellect. Her administrative and organizational abilities are nothing short of phenomenal." (signed) Tom Brady, former Director, City Court of Scottsdale.

"Community Health Services has coupled their experience and understanding of the substantive issues of the programs with genuine compassion and concern for the individuals they counsel." (signed) Ivy L. Kushner, Attorney at Law.

"Judy not only provides a good counseling program, but also informs the Prosecutors and the Court of the defendant's progress (or lack thereof) and special needs. Moreover, her program is very successful in providing the evaluations and programs on a timely basis..." (signed) Kay Bigelow, former Scottsdale City Prosecutor.

"Due to Community Health Services' leadership and innovative programs tailored for misdemeanants, we believe that we have some of the finest services available in this area ." "We concluded that thousands of individuals sent by the Court for counseling over that period amount to a substantial percentage of the local population." (signed) George Preston, former Presiding Judge, City Court of Scottsdale.

"Judy and her staff have always endeavored to provide the appropriate screening, treatment, follow-up care and documentation to make all of their programs work for the clients, attorneys and court personnel..." (signed) Cameron A. Morgan, Attorney at Law

"I've been an addict
Who is out of control
Enslaved by a habit
Taking charge of my soul.

Not an addict on drugs
Like crack cocaine
But one of emotions
Full of misery and pain.

For bitterness and anger
Are addictions too.
Like excess of wine
And hard liquor too.

I've looked into my heart
This part that I've been playing
And radical changes must be made
At once, without delaying.

The solution lies waiting
Within my reach
In the hands of those
Who strive to teach.

The cycles of violence
Must surely end
Before I lose a loved one
Or, perhaps my closest friend."

(Domestic Violence Client)

"It (the program) was extremely helpful to me in dealing with all aspects of my life, not only the situation that led to my arrest." (P.E.A.C.E Program)

"(The Instructor) explained everything so intelligently. The class was not boring or uninteresting. I also feel that I was not there to be judged or ridiculed, but to be educated. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who I feel has a drinking problem." (Alcohol Education, Level III Client)

"Isolation and drinking
Two old friends of mine
Now to say goodbye
I'm moving on, it's the time.

How hard it is to let go
Even when I was low
You were always there for me
But never let me free.
Holding in my anger and fears
Drowning them with alcohol tears
Never letting out what is felt inside
My feelings remained there til they died.

A slow death it is indeed
Taking along the best of me
Isolation, you had your part
Keeping me captive in the dark.

Farewell to you, isolation and drinking
No longer do I want your dark thinking
I'm better off without your friendship
It's time to say goodbye."

"I now enjoy a much better relationship with my wife than ever before. I learned that we both have needs, not just me." (Domestic Violence Program Client)

"I have had many opportunities to watch clients go through the various programs administered by Judy. I have found that her programs have had a great impact on those individuals . ...gain a better understanding of themselves and their conduct which led to their involvement in the court system. I have never been disappointed in the level of professionalism, training or effectiveness of the personnel employed by Judy." (signed) Mark S. Iacovino, Attorney at Law, (Prosecutor and Pro-Tem Judge.)

"(The teacher) was outstanding and I feel I developed a friend and counselor. Thanks from the bottom of my heart !" (DWI Client)

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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