What Sets Community Health Services Apart From The Competition?
  1. All programs offered in Spanish as well as English.
  2. Respect for the realities of the cultural diversity of this geographic environment is the driver for this basic cornerstone of our professional approach. Fully 80 percent of our clerical staff is bilingual (English - Spanish) and bilingual staff is always available for those clients who are more comfortable conversing in the Spanish language. Spanish language clients always have the option of being seen by Spanish-speaking professionals.

  3. 1 year of FREE Aftercare for all program graduates.
  4. Completion of any of the Community Health Services' programs entitles the graduate to one full year of FREE aftercare at their request. If not mandated by the court this follow-up care is not reported. We are committed to the long-term rehabilitation of our valued clients.

  5. FREE Victim services.
  6. At Community Health Services we are aware that the client is not the only person who may be in need of professional assistance. As part of our all-encompassing approach to treatment we are also advocates for the victims of aggressive or anti-social behavior. Therefore, we are prepared to appropriately respond to the needs of victims as well as those who have been sent to us by the judicial system. We take great care that the two services are not intermingled.

  7. State-of-the-Art tracking and reporting.
  8. The judicial system requires that Community Health Services and other providers track the progress of our clients and report this regularly. We recognize the importance of doing this thoroughly, accurately and in a timely manner. Therefore, towards that end, we have invested in the latest computer hardware and software for that specific purpose. We are proud of this level of commitment and the consistency of our results.

  9. Multiple locations.
  10. At Community Health Services we recognize that we are a agency serving our clients (the judicial system and our individual clients) and that convenience is a significant part of customer service. Therefore, we have established multiple physical locations so that our clients may receive treatment and administrative services conveniently. This contributes to the success of our clients who are participating in our programs.

  11. Provide intensive outreach for all referrals. Call after every missed group.
  12. At Community Health Services we are committed to the success of our referred clients. Our policy is to be proactive when a client is not meeting the expectation of a particular program or has missed a screening or counseling session. We make every attempt to follow-up by telephone and/or letter when a client has missed an appointment.

  13. Provide reminder telephone calls the day before scheduled screenings.
  14. As a part of our commitment to excellent customer service we are proactive about reminding our clients the day before about their pending appointment.

  15. Provide mobile in-home screenings, when appropriate.
  16. As a service to the judicial system and to our homebound clients we provide in-home screenings. If there is justification, we will send the appropriate professional from our staff to a referred client's place of residence to perform the required screening.

  17. Are not dependent on outside funding; Community Health Services' programs are offender fee funded.
  18. We are a professional service on a corporate structure and rely on fees from our client base for operational revenue. We do not rely on community funds, charitable giving or grants from political jurisdictions for our operation.

  19. Our organizational structure makes it possible to offer many options for the clients. Group sessions are offered 7 days a week; morning, afternoon, and evening.
  20. This is Justice Service's commitment to superior customer service to the judicial system and our individual client base. With groups offered seven (7) days a week at various locations in the County, we have the ability to accommodate most any schedule.

  21. Thirty (30) years proven track record of providing diversion and sentencing alternative programs.
  22. We are proud of the professional reputation of Community Health Services that we have worked diligently to create over an extended period. The protection of this reputation is paramount in the standards we apply to the daily conduct of our business.

  23. Providing the largest contracts has given us insight into methods to manage large numbers of defendants and difficult situations.
  24. In the complex and sensitive treatment environment in which Community Health Services operates, the experience we have gained over time is valuable in seeing to it that the highest levels of professionalism and sound judgment are brought to bear on every demanding situation. We have the experienced personnel to give the judicial system and our individual clients the confidence that their needs are being met with the highest level of professional competence.

  25. Offer the court alternative sanctions, i.e., Electronic Monitoring (Home Arrest) and the Sobrietor (In-home remote alcohol testing).
  26. The technology revolution has made many new sentencing sanctions available to the judicial system. Community Health Services is at the forefront of bringing these new technologies to the attention of the judiciary and providing these services when the court determines their use is appropriate.

    Installation and instructions for use of these electronic monitoring devices is done by our trained staff in a private and professional environment for our clients. Tested and proven electronic monitoring provides appropriate, real time record-keeping to accommodate the tracking component of the sentencing protocol. A presentation covering the latest in this technological alternative is available upon request.

  27. Provide drug testing and monitoring on site.
  28. Community Health Services has the trained personnel and hardware resources to conduct customized drug testing for our clients at our numerous field locations throughout Maricopa County.

  29. Will collect Court's fines and fees for them.
  30. As part of our customer-service approach to the judicial system and individual clients we will, upon request by the court jurisdiction, collect court fees and remit them to the court in a timely and professional manner.

  31. Agency committed to constant innovation using current research and Best Practices models.
  32. The management and professional staff of Community Health Services are committed to superior customer service and state-of-that-art treatment protocols for our clients. We are also committed to their success and rehabilitation when they enroll in one of our programs. To that end, the management of Community Health Services attends several conferences on a regular basis to learn about emerging treatment protocols and encourages active continuing education by our professional staff. Continuous improvement is a part of the corporate culture at Community Health Services.

  33. Has maintained a two percent (2%) recidivism rate for the Domestic Violence and Shoplifting programs.
  34. Professional researchers have completed studies on both Community Health Services' Domestic Violence and Shoplifting Programs. Dr. Jennie Gorrell found that the Domestic Violence Program had a 2.3% recidivism rate over a two and a half year period. Statistics maintained over a ten year period for those rearrested for the Scottsdale Shoplifting Program demonstrated a recidivism rate of only two percent. A study completed through the Arizona State University School of Social Work confirmed a two percent recidivism rate for the Shoplifting Program.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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