Alcohol/Substance Abuse Treatment Program Level I

Community Health Services provides an Arizona-certified LEVEL I Substance Abuse Treatment Program designed to provide in-depth intensive treatment for clients experiencing chronic severe problems with alcohol and other dependence. The goals of the program are to provide information about the physical, emotional, social, and legal consequences of alcohol/substance consumption and prevent recidivism. Alcoholism or drug addiction is a serious progressive illness that unless treated can lead to mental, physical and emotional pain. The treatment components focus on a recovery program concerned with not just abstinence, but abstinence as a fulfilling, productive way of life.

Community Health ServicesThe Community Health Services' programs seek to interrupt each violator's pattern of substance abuse and assist him/her to develop life-enhancing cognitive skills and attitudes. Community Health Services utilizes proven behavior change technologies to confront entrenched, dysfunctional patterns of behavior including substance abuse, chronic criminal behavior patterns, and resistance to authority. Cost-effective and impactful treatment is delivered to target offenders' entrenched addiction patterns.

Community Health Services' innovative substance abuse program combines effective information systems, intensive supervision and treatment. The program utilizes a combination of offender accountability, high intensity education and treatment, and state-of-the art correctional technology to interrupt this dangerous addiction cycle for these offenders. Each client will have an individual treatment plan based on a face-to-face interview, screening results, and intake information. Individualized treatment plans will identify and address specific criminogenic needs pertinent to continued substance abuse.

Each client will participate in a treatment regimen that requires program compliance and is designed to motivate behavior change in a population that is traditionally treatment-resistant. Program compliance will be tracked and supervised by Community Health Services' substance abuse treatment staff.

Level I Alcohol Treatment Program Components
Physical Effects of Alcohol Consumption
Family of Origin and Relationship Issues
Psychological & Sociological Consequences of Acohol & Drugs
Denial & Defense Mechanisms
Emotional Aftereffect of Alcohol Abuse
Stages of Dependency
Values and Beliefs
Alternatives to Drinking
Self-Assessment of Alcohol/Drug Use
Cognitive Skill Building
Legal Issues Surrounding Alcohol Misuse
High Risk Situations

The LEVEL I Treatment Program consists of a minimum thirty-six (36)* hours of group sessions plus an "Intake" and an "Exit" interview. Self-help groups and individual counseling are available. Community Health Services is staffed with qualified professional staff members and support personnel. Experienced, professional substance abuse therapists facilitate the cognitive/behavioral therapeutic groups.

*The Arizona DHS regulatory minimum.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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