Underage Drinker Program

Community Health ServicesCommunity Health Services' Underage Drinker Program is an early psychoeducational intervention for young adults 18 to 20, who have used alcohol and/or other drugs and are considered to be at high risk for alcohol-related problems under ARS § 4-244.9. The program is designed to educate the clients about alcohol and alcohol abuse so they can take measures to protect themselves from it. The program is conducted by a professional staff of trained therapists who have been educated and/or certified in all aspects of chemical dependency.

Community Health Services recognizes that late teens and young adults have special life problems and personal needs. In this population, alcohol problems are often symptomatic of larger problems within the "family," including significant others. Children of alcoholic parents are significantly more likely to initiate drinking during adolescence and to develop alcohol use disorders. Early initiating of drinking has been identified as an important risk factor for later alcohol-related problems. While chronic alcohol addiction is not frequent with the young adults, early-onset abuse and addiction cannot be ignored.

Underage Drinking Treatment Components
Myths and Facts about Alcohol
Responsible Versus Dangerous Drinking
Drinking and Driving
Problem Drinking Continuum
Alcohol the Drug
Dysfunctional Family Dynamics
Physical Effects of Alcohol and Drugs
Support Group Referrals
Symptoms and Phases of Alcoholism
Driver's License Reinstatement Requirements
Arizona Alcohol Statutes

Young adults with still evolving self-identities with diminished social and communication skills, who are susceptible to peer influence, who are either still in school or new to the work force, often dependent on others for support, do not experiment with alcohol and other drugs with the intention of becoming addicted. However, at this time of vulnerability, these addictive drugs can produce intense and immediate pleasure and reduce extreme anxiety.

Educating underage drinkers to the dangers of alcohol and drugs is highly effective to the majority of this population who has not, as yet, developed a sociological, psychological, and biological dependence. Those individuals who may be genetically predisposed to addiction, as evidenced by their family history, may learn of their vulnerability and the resources available to them and take measures to receive further assistance.

The Underage Drinker Program provides group treatment opportunities for developing new skills through self-disclosure, giving and receiving positive and negative feedback, problem-solving and conflict resolution. Setting realistic personal goals without the use of chemicals is stressed. Through didactic educational material, information is reinforced, myths broken, and materials are directed to specific needs of those clients who present with issues of alcohol abuse and/or addiction. The group process is never shame-based or punitive inasmuch as shame and guilt are both pervasive in those who abuse or are addicted to alcohol. Responsibility and accountability for one's behavior is encouraged and reinforced. The Underage Drinker Program consists of a screening/intake assessment and One (1) eight-hour psychoeducational class.

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"Rehabilitation and progress toward that end is measured by the client's commitment to change."

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